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Changing Room

Just slip it on to change anywhere with full privacy. It’s faster and easier than wrapping a towel around you or trying to hide behind car doors in the parking lot.

The new LX & HD Chawels have the option for armholes already built in.

Changing Room

Neck pillow

Did you know airlines are charging for blankets and pillows now? Here’s a great way to use your Chawel. Fold it, roll it, and secure it with the elastic for a comfortable sleep.

Of all of the Chawels, the Hybrids make the better neck pillows.

Neck Pillow

Sleeping bag

The Hybrid and Traveller make for a warmer sleeping bag.

The heavier weight and the warm micro fleece are perfect for cooler nights or air-conditioned airport layovers.

If you are travelling in the tropics, the Sport is perfect for warmer nights.



The Hybrid and Traveller make for better beach blankets in cooler breezes, but the Sport will also keep a light breeze off of you. If you’re planning a trip, don’t forget how cool it can get in an air conditioned train, bus or plane.


Travel Towel

Our Hybrid and Sport models are both great for travel. Both are quick dry and functional, allowing your to pack less and travel lighter. Chawel is more than just a towel!

The Sport has twice the towelling (both sides) than all other Chawels.


Baby Change Mat

(and other baby uses)

I’ve lost track on how many times the Chawel has come in handy as an emergency change pad, nursing cover and stroller blanket/wind cover. Even as bumpers pads for our sleeping baby.

Shopping cart Cover

“The Chawel is a great item to use for a shopping cart to protect child and cart handler from germs by covering cart handle and upper part of the shopping cart.Use the neck area of Chawel for the childs legs to be pulled through and then seat child where leg dividers are in cart,then drape Chawel over cart handle,child and upper cart area.The child will have a blankey and items will not fall through the cart from the top area of the cart and of course no germs from that nasty germ breeding cart.”
Sherri, Ontario

Therma-rest Cover

If you camp, you may appreciate this use.

Slide your Therma-rest inside your Chawel. Have the fleece side up for extra warmth between you and your cold mat. This also acts as another layer between you and the cold ground.

It will also keep your mat clean of any drooling that may happen while sleeping.

for more comfort, stuff a jacket or clothes inside the head hole to act a pillow that will stay in place.

Therma-rest Cover

Travel Shower

With warm/hot water in a pot, and using a cloth, I washed while wearing only my Chawel Sport. It kept the breeze off of me, and gave me total cover as I washed.

This came in handy on a 2 week climbing trip in Joshua Tree, CA. If you have ever been here, you know there are no shower facilities. No running water.

Laundry Bag

“I found that if i used the elastic band and tied the bottom of the chawel it made a great laundry bag for going to and from my room.”
Tyler (traveling in Australia)

** This has also been adapted as a wetsuit bag, and, well, lets just call it an all-round bag use**

Seat Cover

Chawels are big enough to slip over your car seats. I personally have reupholstered the Chawel seats with the Chawel Sport fabric.

But if you don’t want to go that far, just slip the Chawel over the headrest and down the rest of the seat. Or lay it over top and use the elastic to hold onto the headrest.

Seat Cover

Other vehicle uses

I use mine here in San Diego to cover the kids car seat when parked in the heat – to protect the metal buckles for getting too hot and potentially injuring a child.

The Chawel can also be used to as a windshield sun visor to keep the intense sun/heat off of the dashboard and steering wheel.