The Chawel is pretty simple but also a genius product!

“At first glance, you may think “oh it’s just a towel, how much to it could there be?” I thought the same thing when I first received it but I had no idea how useful this item came in handy on my recent 5 day stand up paddle trip. This towel has multiple uses such as a blanket, sleeping bag liner, towel, changing room, and a pillow!”
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Shannon Thomas

Chawel for the boat

“We keep one of these on the boat and they are great.
Towel, Blanket and Change room all in one. I saw it on Dragons Den (Canadian Shark Tank) and ordered one before the episode was over lol.”
L W in Sylvain Lake

Love This Product

“Used it several times for changing between legs of an overnight relay race. Also had to share it with my teammates because it was so useful! Now they’ll want to get their own.”
Jennifer Weller

Ragnar Relay

“Did Ragnar relay and needed a way to change out of my running gear outside the van. This did the job and doubled as a pillow, sleeping bag, and so much more. Other runners in my van even benefitted from the Chawel. So no more changing in ports potties or driving home is sweaty running gear for me
Syrilann Cooper

Ragnar Relay

“Excellent product! I use it to change into my wetsuit on the beach. Plenty of room, easy to use, looks great and the best part is it it packs away easily! It isn’t too thick which makes it easy to put in my kite backpack.”
James Gonzales

Lovely for Travel

“Bought this for a trip that included coed hostel stays and camping, was really happy I did, it met all my needs and more.
It’s not microfibre like some other travel towels, and doesn’t have any loops that feel absorbent, it’s more like a sports wicking fabric (reminds me of golf shirt material.) I was worried I’d miss the cushy feeling of those towels but I didn’t at all, plus its double sided anyways so if one side gets really wet you just flip it around.
I used it as a sleeping bag at one point when it was quite warm and it was a little short but I just stuck my toes out through the head hole and I was fine, a little chilly when the temp dropped later though.
I think the best surprise was using it as a little change room though, my hostel rooms were all coed and it was really useful to not have to go into the shared bathrooms outside of the room to get changed. Looks goofy but whatever, it works!
It’s okay but not great as a travel neck pillow.
Since I’ve got back its worked well as a gym towel, it dries fast but not super fast, and as a hot yoga towel too. All that for the price of a smaller microfibre towel with far less features!”

MEC.ca member


I love my Chawel!

“I use it all the time to change in the parking lot after a mountain bike ride. No longer do I watch the boys easily change, while I try to maneuver in a stinky, gross satellite toilet.

Here’s a great photo of a Chawel in use after a recent fat bike ride in the Minnesota winter wonderland.

One more satisfied customer.”

Martha, Minnesota

minnesota Chaweler


Video Review

Gear Caster, YouTube



“I am pleased to relay my satisfaction with my new Chawel! It’s VERY fast-drying and effective, and large enough that I can actually change under it and use it as a blanket/sleeping bag.”
Melanie, New York


Park running

“Thank you…I use my Chawel all the time these days. Changing for runs in the park after work, scuba diving, snorkeling….its really a very nice item.”

Transition Chaweling

“I need this because I’m going to be doing a lot of winter swimming at the ocean, probably summers too.”

Winter Chaweling

“I use it all year round. During the winter I use it on the beach in Florida. During the summer I use it to change into my street clothes in the parking lot after along bike ride in the country. It is always in my car.
Robert, Edmonton

Transition Chaweling

“I owe you a testimonial after running into you at the Apple Tri this year while hubby changed in transition using his Chawel! Bought 2 Chawels on Canada Day 2012 at the Sasamat Lake open water swim, thinking that, if nothing else, the kids would use them to change & keep warm at the lake. Little did I know that they would turn out to be hubby’s favorite & he uses them EVERYWHERE! And this is not an easy feat. As a 6ft plus, 250lb plus guy, I was skeptical that he would have the space but he has more than enough room to get changed.”
Stacy, BC


“LOVE MY CHAWEL!!! I was just recently at IRONMAN Canada. I bought three one of which was an orange one. LOve it. My kids love it!! I would like to purchase at least one other orange one for my family, but what are the possibilities for ordering a bunch in orange for my swim team?”
Sara, Canada

Airport savior

“In the airport yesterday my 14 year old used it as a sleeping bag in the Houston airport yesterday on our 4+ hour layover and people were asking about and copying down the Chawel name.”
Sharon, Alberta


Argentina & Brazil

“The Chawel Original was a great suggestion for my trip. The neck pillow came in very handy on my flight down to Argentina. And as you can see here at the Foz Do Iguacu, it kept me dry and warm. I didnt get any pictures of it at Copacaban beach in brazil, but it was a smart idea to use it there too. And like your story before about the pickpockets and stolen bags, I remembered to use the hidden pocket for my wallet. Thank you again.”
Ash, Richmond

Marine biology

“I received my in the mail last week. I can’t wait to start making use of it, especially because as a marine biology field technician I often have to change out of my wetsuit and bathing suit in public places!
Thank you for your attention to customer service, it’s greatly appreciated!”
Anonymous Customer

from Campbell River BC

“I just wanted to say how great it was to see Dan.aka: surfer guy” on Dragon”s Den. I watched Dan all summer at dragon boat festivals marketing his products with outstanding and passionate style..As soon as Dan introduced me to the product I knew it was a GREAT winner.
I personally can’t stop talking about it. Several of us on our dragon boat team, River Spirit use a ChaWel . It is one of the greatest ideas for changing and staying warm while competing.
Good luck and look forward to infomercial. Well done!”
Campbell River, BC



“My daughter loves her Chawel. And the glow in the dark geckos are a real hit. She takes the thing everywhere when we leave the house. We got it as a gift, and it’s been a real hit.”

Chawel geckos

ScubaDiver Girls

“We used the traveler to go to USVI and really liked it. It was great to have on the plane for sleeping! American does not even have blankets anymore except for purchase!!! Then it was great to have on the boat down there for changing after diving. I liked the towel material for drying off!”



“Sorry the pictures aren’t too professional looking, but the chawel was AWESOME!I took it down to the Polar Bear Swim @ English Bay and it made its way around our entire crew (all 6 of us) for changing after. It was the perfect thing to have there: it was a good towel to dry off with, really convenient for changing in front of 1,000′s of people, and it also made a lovely blanket after to warm up with.
A must have for Polar Bear swimmers!!
…my friends all thought I was a genius!”




“Seriously man, that thing was great! I had no idea it would come in so handy … from being a blanket on the plane, change-room on the beach, and extra layer of warmth at 10,000 feet on the frigid pre-dawn pinnacle of Mount Haleakala – it rocked. Not going to be traveling without one again. Really.”
Jake, Vancouver


Back from OZ

“Oz was amazing. And the Chawel was great. I used it everyday.
It was my pillow, towel, beach blanket, greyhound blanket.
I bought one for my girlfriend as well and she loved it. She even slept in hers. We almost wore them as halloween costumes but opted for a different idea.
I came up with another use for the Chawel while I was traveling. I found that if I used the elastic band and tied the bottom of the chawel it made a great laundry bag for going to and from my room. Anyways I’d just like to thank you for making such an awesome product and Im proud it came from my hometown.”
Tyler, Vancouver BC